Clothes Button Board Game



Clothes  Button Board Game No 5100


  • 4 clothes
  • 36 buttons
  • 30 cards
  • 4 Rope


Game Instruction:-


Player do up button on cloths rapidly according to pattern on cards.


Play Method:-


  1. Every player would get on cloth and one ropes
  2. Put all the buttons on desk and mix up the cards and make them upwards in the middle of the desk and then start the game
  3. One player open one card and all players rapidly pick up buttons corresponding with the color on card and do with them up on clothes.
  4. Player should do up cloths button according to color and order on cards.
  5. The player who do up cloths button firstly would pick up cards at the first time and game is over. Other player check whether it is correct or not. If right the player gets the cards as reward. If wrong he should put all his cards into cards pile.
  6. Who wins most card finally who is the winner.


The purpose of the game:-


This game can develop children’s hand-eye coordination ability and sense of competition and improve children’s comprehensive ability.




Parent can play with kids to promote the feelings between parent and children


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