Magnet Alphabets A to Z



Feature and Benefits:-


  • Fantastic Educational tool for kids
  • 26 Magnetic Letter
  • Easy to tidy away Magnetic characters
  • The best price of Universal Education Learning Aid Magnetic Letters Numbers For Children
  • This product contains tiny parts, Never put into mouth to avoid choking danger.
  • Never give this product to children under 3 to avoid accidental swallowing.
  • Always play under adult guidance.
  • For the sake of safety, stop use whenever this product is found damaged or deformed.
  • It will stick to all metals such as Fridge, Metal boards etc
  • Magnetic letters provide opportunities for hands-on learning which are much more suited for the way young children learn than workbooks and flashcards. “Manipulating materials allows young children to actively construct knowledge using their senses, rather than merely passively taking in and repeating rote information
  • Letter Recognition
  • Letter Sounds
  • Word Formation
  • Letter Manipulative for Children


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