twister Board Game 6130



Twister Game Board Game 6130

Package Includes:

  • Vinyl Mat
  • Spinner board with arrow and base

Twister is a type of board game that is also considered to be a party game. It is a game of physical skill that is played on a large plastic ‘board’ or mat that is spread out across a flat surface such as the floor or ground.

The game promotes itself as “the game that ties you up in knots”. There is also Blindfolded Twister, a variant where there are four different tactile symbols on the mat, and the players are blindfolded and have to find a circle with the named symbol by feeling.

It builds basic motor skills such as coordination and balance, and experts point to the benefits of the simple game play for building socialization skills. Children learn to negotiate rules, take turns, and challenge each other. They develop problem-solving skills.

Twister the classic game now has 2 more ways to rock the spots!
You are sure to get yourself in a twist
The game to suit all ages
Twist yourself around to make sure you reach your circle
The last person standing wins
Recommended Ages 6 and over
This TWISTER game is the classic game with 2 more moves
Give the spinner a whirl and see what’s next as you try to keep your hands and feet on the mat
Right foot red! Can you do it?
Left foot green… you got it!
If your knee or elbow touches the mat or you fall over you’re out.
Be the last player standing to win!

Ideal for:
Add a twist of fun into any party or family night with the game that ties you up in knots!

TWISTER game challenges you to put your hands and feet at different places on the mat without falling over! Be the last player standing to win. Two new moves! With Spinner’s Choice the spinner makes up a move for the other player to do. Fun Spinner’s Choice ideas on the back of the spinner! If the spinner lands on Air the player must put a hand or foot in the air!


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