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  • 9 Two Sided Game board Tiles
  • 105 Cards
  • Dice
  • Timer
  • Instruction
  • Family Game
  • Origin Imported
  • Packing Box
  • Suitable Age 6y+

How to play Pictureka: Rules and Gameplay Instructions

If you’re looking for a game to play with your kids that can help with their cognitive skills, then look no further than Pictureka.

It also helps that the game is also tonnes of fun!

Number of Players Required: 2 or more for gameplay.

Who Can Play It: Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Difficulty: Easy.

Main Objective: Pictureka is a game that requires players to spot specific pictures as fast as they can.

Why we love it: Pictureka is a board game version of the well-known game ‘I-Spy’ and has similarities to ‘Where’s Waldo’ as well. If you and your kids enjoy playing this, then this game incorporates gameplay from both of these.

What do I need to play the Pictureka game?

To play Pictureka, you will need to buy the official set by game makers Hasbro.

Official Edition

Within the set, it comes with 9 Game Tiles, 1 die, 55 ‘mission’ cards, and a Sand Timer. This is everything that you’ll need to play.

There are also alternative sets, such as this travel edition which is the cards that you will need and are perfect for vacations.

Travel Pick

How to Set Up Your Game

Arrange the 9 Game Tiles into a grid that is 3×3. Once done, sort the cards into the three color groups and ensure that you shuffle these.

After shuffling, place the cards face down after shuffling.

The Green and Red cards will feature three ‘missions’ on each card, so decide before playing if you’re going to use the ‘top’, ‘middle’ or ‘bottom’ missions.

Pictureka Rules and Gameplay

There are a couple of different ways in which you can play Pitureka, with a variety of rules to follow depending on the chosen version.

Each version is easy to pick up, but you can also adjust the game slightly to make the game harder if required.

Starting the game

Decide on the player who goes first; for example, pick the youngest player to begin. The gameplay goes to the left.

How to play standard Pictureka rules – Round & Round

Decide how many rounds on each different colored card that you will play, with the more rounds chosen, the longer the game.

Blue cards go first, followed by Green cards, and finally the Red cards.

Draw the card that is on top of the color that you are currently playing with and complete the ‘mission’ that is on the card.

Whichever player manages to complete the assigned ‘mission’ first keeps that card, and the game continues to the left.

Once you complete the agreed-upon number of rounds, the winner is the player who has the most amount of cards at the end.

How to play Pictureka Mish Mash Rules

Mish Mash rules make use of the dice that are within the game.

1 and 6 are blue colored, 2 and 5 are green colored, and 3 and 4 are blue colored. (In case you have your own dice, not the one included in the game.)

Have the chosen player to begin the game start by rolling the dice and drawing a card that corresponds to the color on the dice.

At this point, the gameplay is the same as it is in ‘Round & Round’ with the same missions and the winner keeping the card.

The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the agreed-upon number of wins.

Pictureka Special Rules – Switch or Flip

Occasionally you will see mission cards with an arrow on the back, and if you get one of these, you will need to perform a special action.

One of the pictures is an arrow with points on both sides, right and left. This arrow means that the player can switch positions of any of the game tiles.

The other image is an arrow that curves to the right. This means that a player flips the tile over to the other side.

Players who draw these cards perform the required action as soon as players draw that card.

Pictureka Missions Rules

The most important part of Pictureka is the missions that are on each card. Players complete these to progress the game.

Blue mission cards are the ‘Find it First’ cards which require players to be the first to find a specific object on the tiles.

The person who finds it first shouts ‘Pictureka’ to signify that they are first.

Green mission cards are the ‘Personal’ cards that only players who drew the card can complete.

This card requires the player to find all of the listed objects before the included timer runs out.

Red mission cards are the ‘My Tile’ card, which requires all players to have a specific tile. Players then compete to be the first to find the object listed on the mission card.

Like the Green card, the first player to find the object shouts out ‘Pictireka’ to win the card.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

If at any point someone catches a player cheating, then other players can point them out to other players by shouting ‘Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire’!

If this is the case, then all the players agree upon a fitting punishment for the offending player.

Keeping Score in the Pictureka Game

Keeping score in Pictureka is a simple task, the winner of a game is the player who has the most cards at the end of the agreed-upon rounds.

The overall winner is the player who has racked up the most wins across many rounds.



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