Music Variety Rubik’s Cube



Music Variety Rubik’s Cube

  • What you get: The package includes the electronic magic cube and instructions (No AAA Batteries). Besides that, you will get a big plus of creativity, memory training and quicker reactions. This is a great birthday gift!
  • What you need: Are you looking for a game that you will love it and will you smarter, more creative and quick with your mind? Or do you enjoy a brainy game that challenges your mind? Our electronic magic cube is exactly what you need.
  • 4 game modes: Match the lights, the sounds, remember the colors or play with your friends. This game is very engaging and entertaining. Multiplayer mode enhances the competition spirit. A great toy to outsmart yourself with every game played.
  • Match & Win: Our magic cube is better than any rubik’s cube. Not only that it develops your analytical spirit, but it will develop your quick thinking and quick movements at a high pace. With the 4 level feature, you can train your memory, reactions and fast thinking. What could you want more?
  • Everybody wins: Have fun and train your mind. There are few games available now that can develop your thinking and analytic abilities. One magic cube that is challenging!


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