Monopoly Board Game



Feature and Benefits:-

  • Monopoly Contain
  • Game Board
  • 11 token
  • 28 Title Deep card
  • 16 chance card
  • 16 community chest card
  • 1 pack of monopoly money
  • 32 red house
  • 12 Blue Hotels
  • 2 dice and Instruction
  • Is “something to do” for a group gathering.
  • Promotes bonding and interpersonal connection.
  • Boosts confidence and firm decision-making skills.
  • Reduces the risk of mental degradation.
  • Promotes spending wisely to avoid debt.
  • Boosts memory formation and cognitive skills.
  • Teaches entrepreneurs about basic money management.
  • Reduces stress and boosts the immune system.
  • Provides common ground to bridge generational gaps.
  • Releases endorphins in the brain.
  • Teaches the importance of diversifying investments (portfolio).
  • Develops emotional handling/management skills.
  • Teaches the importance of calculating risks.
  • Shows the importance of building, but not fully relying on relationships.
  • Develops effective negotiation skills.
  • Teaches basic mathematics skills to children.
  • Keeps your brain healthy.
  • Develops fine motor skills.


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