Magnastix Magnet Toy 157 PCS



  • Magnastix – 157 Pcs – Jinda
  • Grow in wisdom the high magnetic force magic stick
  • 109 sticks and 48 balls
  • Lighten up with hands-on learning, creative play, and endless magnetic fun!
  • A full-color instruction guide gets kids excited and initiates the fun!
  • Once you’ve got the basics, release your creativity and build all kinds of original structures, straight from your mind to reality!
  • Discover the basics of magnetism and gravity.
  • Learn step-by-step how to build arches, pyramids, towers, and more.
  • Understand how to strengthen structures with special designs and two included panels.
  • Suitable for age 5+ years
  • The size of the stick is approx 1″
  • The size of the box is approx 9″H x 1.5″B x 12″L


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