Magic Magnetic Cube



Feature and Benefits:-


The Magic Magnetic Cube is a game of logical aptitude, spatial reasoning, mental acuity, and a whole lot of fun! Every kit comes with 7 magnetic cube blocks, 54pcs extra guide cards, and a beautiful package. Hours of fun, solving this magnetic building blocks feels like a real accomplishment! This brain toy for kids is great to use in the home, in the classroom, and while traveling. Magic magnetic cube is the perfect brain toy gift for families that want to play and learn together while having a great time.


  • The 7 individual pieces of magnetic toy set can be stacked in endless combinations. Four modes to kill the boredom. Meet the challenge of speed mode, level mode, memory mode, multiplayer mode
  • Using sturdy materials to provide a touch of durability
  • Easily portable to keep the kids busy during long road trips
  • Magnetic toy is great gift for your picky teenager and a cool party favor
  • Exercise your child’s creativity, imagination, and hands-on skills through magic magnetic cube
  • Providing tactile feedback to little kids, sharpening logical thinking
  • Makes a great stress-reliever and time-killer for adults of all ages


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