Flames Storm Barricade RV-10 Battery Operated Semi Auto Nerf Gun & 20 Pcs. Soft Bullet Darts


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  • Description Flames Storm Blaster – Barricade Rv-10 firing 20 soft shells,
  • The Blaze Storm blaster is a children’s toys for mischievous boys.
  • With such a blaster in the most realistic way you can play an incredibly exciting and exciting plot.
  • The nerf clip is designed for 20 rounds.
  • The bullets for the toy gun is made of soft material and will not harm either the child himself or others.
  • The toy is powered by batteries and is recommended for boys from 6 years old.
  • Features:
  • Thanks to this set, the boys will be able to expand the possibilities of playing the “war game” and arrange a friendly battle by shooting bullets.
  • The set is presented by a blaster of fantastic design, executed by a combination of blue, blue and gray with bullets in the kit. – The blaster has a convenient handle, butt and drum for 20 rounds to trigger a shot you need to pull the trigger.
  • You can charge the weapon with bullets made of soft material, so that when hit by an opponent, they do not cause pain and will not cause harm.
  • Bullets have a bright color, so they will not be lost in the grass or on the ground.
  • For firing, the bullets must be inserted into the drum, having previously raised the barrel.
  • The toy is equipped with sound effects that mimic the sound of a shot, so that the game will be believable.
  • An exciting lesson contributes to the development of imagination and imagination, trains coordination of movements and hand motility, develops eye and accuracy.
  • The kit is made of materials certified for the production of children’s goods.
  • Characteristics:
  • Set: blaster, 20 shells.
  • Age: from 6 years and above.
  • Composition : plastic.
  • Weight: 1.170 kg.
  • Battery Type: 3 x AA / LR6 1.5V (not included).
  • Package size: 34 x 8x 20.5 cm.
  • Packing: cardboard box.


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